Natasha Brough


  • Name: Natasha Brough
  • Shirt number: 10
  • Date of birth: 11-2-2001 
  • Residence:  I recently moved to the Netherlands from Barcelona. I'm currently living in Heerhugowaard
  • Position in the field: Attacking Midfielder
  • Previous clubs: La Roca Penya Blanca Blava, RCD Espanyol, Valencia CF

En verder...

  • What do you do in daily life (work/study?): Aside from football, I work in the creative fields of fashion photography/video, and I also have my own vintage clothing business. So in my daily life, when I am not training, I am probably working at a fashion shoot, or at some second hand market looking for cool clothes

  • What is your specialty as a footballer? My game vision and ability to create attack

  • What is your personal goal as a footballer? Firstly to be the best player I can possibly be and I believe, if I achieve that, I will be alongside the best players in the world. So that's my goal

  • What do you want to achieve this season? My goal this season is to bring a lot of attack and goals to the team, so we finish as high as possible on the ladder

  • Rituals before the game? I don't think I have any rituals. I just like to have a relaxing day to prepare for the game, both mentally and physically

  • Favorite club? FC Barcelona

  • Favorite player? Lionel Messi (especially circa 2011)

  • Hobbies outside of football? I have a lot of hobbies, it’s hard to choose! Really anything creative or that makes me think. I like photography, making videos, cooking, doing crafts with my friends, researching random subjects I find interesting... the list goes on and on

  • Are you also involved with players from the selection outside of football? Yes! I love the team, everybody gets on really well outside of football. Lately a few of the players have been getting me to try the typical Dutch foods, so that has been fun

  • What tips do you have for young talents? Pay attention to the details, stay focused on your goals, don't be afraid to make mistakes, and have fun

  • Finally, Do you want to share something with the followers of VV Alkmaar? I am super excited to be here and give it my best all this season at VV Alkmaar. I strongly believe this is going to be a great season, and I can't wait to see you all at the games!

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